Turn these, into this… $30 per Terabyte + Tapestock*

Want to reuse your on-set drives instead of buying new ones for every project?  Storing a closet full of project drives for your reel or an Agency?  Worried about data loss on powered down drives? Need archive formats for insurance compliance?

Central can help with our Data Transfer, Parking, Consolidation, and Archiving services. Priced at a fraction of the cost of external storage raids, get the peace of mind that comes from the 30-year archival format used by nearly every cloud computing and post facility on the planet, as well as industry standard data integrity checks at every step in the process.

Our data archive system centers on a 256 Terabyte Pegasus R16 Pro Server (RAID5 with auto spare) married to a mLogic LTO 8 drive and dedicated ingest station; powered by the Netflix Production Technology Alliance Certified “Hedge” software package, including Foolcat and Canister LTFS integrations.

If you are renting with us the process is dead easy, just have your DIT send along one of your safety drives when your rental is returned, and we’ll archive the data and add it to your invoice.

After each transfer and archive is completed, clients receive a detailed Transfer Log containing data transfer verifications (these are mathematical codes that confirm each file was copied to archive without errors) should your client or insurance require them.  

In addition to the Transfer Log you can also request a Camera / Drive report in PDF format, listing every Source File and Transcode on the drive, along with Thumbnails, Capture Dates, TRT runtime, Codec, Framerate, and Time Base info.  This serves as a great reference sheet for Directors, Editors, and Agency personnel during the initial post process, and a long term reference document for what is stored on each archive tape

*Detailed service by service pricing upon request.