For the security of our customers, Central uses the “KeyCafe” electronic key pickup and tracking system.  With KeyCafe, each job is issued a unique pickup code for each Vehicle or After Hours Pickup on a job, assuring your crew (and only your crew) will have access to the rented vehicle or equipment.  Please make sure to read the instructions below fully to assure that everything goes smoothly!

IMPORTANT – Keys must be removed from KeyCafe and the door closed on an empty cubby each time you enter a code.  If you fail to remove your keys, and instead close the door on a full cubby (or leave the cubby open and return the keys without scanning in) your code will not open the cubby again.  Your code only re-activates when a key is scanned back into the system. If a cubby is stuck don’t force it, that will trigger a visit from the Milwaukie Police department 😳 Instead call our after hours emergency number at the end of this page 😀


The Code you have been provided will open all of the gates onto our lot (e.g. the 4′ person gate next to the front door, the 14′ North Vehicle Gate, and the 20′ South Vehicle Gate). Make sure to push up briefly on the padlock after entering the code to open it.


The KeyCafe box is on the left side the SOUTH garage door (inside of the fenced lot) this is where you will pick up your Vehicle or After Hours Box keys. Use the code you have been provided with to open the exterior steel security enclosure.

After opening the security enclosure, to pick-up your keys tap the touchscreen on the lower right corner of the KeyCafe, then touch “Key Pickup”.  Key in the pick-up code and then press enter – a prompt will confirm what you have access to (e.g. a vehicle number or drop box number) and when you acknowledge it, a cubby with your keys will pop-open.  Remove the keys, close the cubby, and you are good to go! 


DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL VEHICLE KEYS IN THE KEYCAFE, you will not be able to retrieve them!!!  Instead, leave your keys in the grey Driver Drop KeyBox next to the KeyCafe. If you choose to park on our lot, you must leave your keys in the box*.


If the KeyCafe code directs you to an After Hours Box, the After Hours Boxes are located on South side of our building, just around the corner from the Key Cafe in between the Motorhome and our building (the light brown resin lockers with a dark brown tops).  Use the key to unlock the correct box, re-fasten the padlock, then scan the key back into the KeyCafe.


In order to return your keys, touch the touchscreen on the lower right corner of the KeyCafe then touch “Key Return” and hold the blue and white KeyCafe keyfob attached to the key ring over the RFID reader to the LEFT of the touchpad, and the cubby for your keys will pop open.  Place the keys inside and close the door.  And that’s it!

Please re-lock all gates and boxes after pickup. If you have an emergency and need help after hours, please call our main number (503-528-2824) and select number 5 to be connected to the person on call. Have a great shoot!



*Please note Central Rentals assumes no liability for any damage to or theft of vehicles left on our lot.